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Nola Holt Royster Distinguished Service Award Winners

  • 2022: Tiffany Johnson
  • 2018: Dr. Angela Williams

  • 2016: Larry Stricklen (Founder's Award)

  • 2010: Brenda Marks 

  • 2006: Julie Agee Gillaspy 

  • 2005: Larry Stricklen 

  • 2004: Allison Nicholas 

  • 2003: Eva Windsor 

  • 2002: Neal W. Vickers 

  • 2001: Leanne “BUBBA” Fender 

Arkansas Star Award

  • 2023: Robert Ellis & Tara Dryer
  • 2022: Brittany Straw

Diversity & Inclusion Award

  • 2023: Robyn Williams
  • 2022: Dr. Rickey Lee Booker, Jr.
  • 2018: University of Arkansas Career Development Center

New Professional Award

  • 2023: Dylan Tedder & Nakell Baker
  • 2022: Riley Cook & Breeanne Carter

President's Award

  • 2022: Tina Gilbert, Madelyn Jones, & Margot Purdy
  • 2021: Jason Henry
  • 2020: Robyn Williams & Melanie Diffey
  • 2019: Brittany Straw & Tiffany Johnson
  • 2018: Tiffany Johnson

AACE Lifetime Member Award Winners

  • Tiffany Johnson

  • Ron Orick

  • Dr. Ed Rayburn

  • Paula Abraham 

  • Nelson Barnett, Lyon College

  • Herbert Davis, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Retired)

  • Neil Jackson, Arkansas Tech University (Retired)

  • James M. Jones, Arkansas Eastman (Retired) 

  • Leo Langston, Internatal Revenue Service (Retired)

  • Larry Stricklen, Arkansas Department of Human Services

  • Rebecca Teague, Harding University

  • Dr. Neil Vickers, The Vickers Group, LLC.

  • William E. Yates, University of Central Arkansas (Retired)


Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Awarded at the Board’s discretion based upon nominations solicited, vetted and recommended by Awards Committee. Award is not, by definition, an annual award.

Honorary Life Membership is awarded to individuals who have made notable and significant contributions to the Association over the course of their active membership in AACE. In order to be considered for Honorary Life Membership, an individual must have been active in AACE for at least five years, must no longer be eligible for active membership in the association because of retirement, job transition, or other similar reasons. Honorary Life Members are accorded all the rights and privileges of active members except the eligibility to vote on Association business matters or to hold office; however, Honorary Life Members may hold committee membership, be eligible to serve as committee chairs, and serve on committees in an ex-officio capacity. There is no annual membership fee for Honorary Life Membership, however Honorary Life Membership must be renewed annually. New Honorary Life Members are provided a complimentary conference registration the year in which they are officially recognized and receive discounted conference registration thereafter. All AACE Honorary Life Members retain their Honorary Life Memberships in AACE as long as they renew this membership annually.

Nola Holt Royster Distinguished Service Award 

Awarded at the Board’s discretion based upon nominations solicited, vetted and recommended by Awards Committee.

The Nola Holt Award is considered the most prestigious award AACE can bestow on one of its members. It is to be given only when the Board of Directors deems there to be a deserving recipient and is not an annual award. The award may be presented to a current or former member of AACE who has made notable and significant contributions with distinguished achievement to the Association, the profession of career services and recruitment. To be considered for this award, an individual must have been active and contributed in the development of programs, held leadership roles in the Association for a considerable number of years, contributed in an innovative way to the professional development of the profession, authored publications of a creditable nature, and/or otherwise represented the Association in an exemplary manner.  (Formerly the Founder's Award)

Arkansas Star Award

Awarded at the Board’s discretion based upon nominations solicited, vetted and recommended by Awards Committee.

The Arkansas Star Award may be presented to a person or persons to recognize significant and outstanding contributions to the profession, to society, or to AACE. The Arkansas Star Award is a prestigious recognition of service and contributions exceeded only in significance within AACE by the Nola Holt Royster Award, and may be given to a college or employer representative. The recipient does not have to be, or have been, a member of AACE, but must have made notable or sustained contributions to the association or to the profession. Recipients of the Arkansas Star Award must have made a major and significant contribution to the career services and recruiting profession or had a sustained impact on AACE over a period of time. Nominations for the Arkansas Star Award will be solicited & vetted by the Awards Committee, which will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration.

New Professional Award

Awarded each year to one employer member and one college member. Recipients are selected by the Board based upon nominations solicited, vetted and recommended by Awards Committee.

The New Professional Award may be presented to AACE members with no more than five years of experience in the profession who have demonstrated significant contributions to career services and/or recruitment. It is meant to recognize “future leaders” within the association. Contribution may be to the association, a state association, SoACE, NACE, or through direct activities as a part of their normal employment. These activities must show innovation, reflect foresight, and display promise that the individual has the unique quality of future leadership. 

President's Award

Awarded annually at the sitting President’s discretion

President's Awards are given annually at the discretion of the sitting president to recognize individuals or organizations that have distinguished themselves by their service to the Association in ways of particular significance to the President during his/her tenure in office. Recipients of President's Awards are not subject to the vote/approval of the Board of Directors.

Diversity and Inclusion Awards

AACE recognizes an individual and a group/organization that has demonstrated a sustained commitment to

the pursuit of diversity and inclusion in the community and workplace.

Contributions in advancing diversity could be in the form of activism, education, outreach, publication, service, or other

initiatives. Criteria for these awards include:

  • Demonstrates commitment to the spirit of diversity and inclusion through active participation in promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives within the last twelve months

  • Supports positive communication and education that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation or tolerance among people of different backgrounds

  • Demonstrates and exhibits a positive influence on constituencies 

  • Nominations for these awards are submitted with the association wide awards.

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Phone: (501) 269-4119

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