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Volunteer Committee Opportunities

AACE offers many volunteer opportunities for committee service. These opportunities provide members with activities and functions that promote professional development and lead to rewarding experiences.

Questions about volunteering for AACE should be directed to the current Association President, Allison Nicholas.


Below is a list of the wonderful committee activities we have to offer:


The Finance Committee is in charge of the following:

  • Reviewing the financial records of the Fall and Spring Conferences and reporting to the Board of Directors the findings and recommendations deemed advisable.
  • In the event that expenditures from the annual budget should exceed the amount of $12,000, the Finance Committee will see that a legal audit is scheduled.
  • The Finance Committee shall act in accordance with budget provisions listed in Article I of the Bylaws.
  • The Finance Committee will perform all other duties delegated by the President.

Conference Planning

The Conference Committee is in charge of the following:

  • Planning the Annual Summer and Winter Conference, to include developing an agenda, the agenda must focus on facilitating an increase in knowledge for both employers and career service professionals.
  • Develop a budget for the conference based on past attendance and expenditures.
  • Submit to the board a conference budget for approval.

Membership and Marketing

The Membership and Marketing Committee is in charge of the following:

  • In cooperation with the Board of Directors, devise and conduct programs for helping the Association meet its membership goals as well as market and advertise AACE and its products.
  • Review and take appropriate action on all applications for membership.
  • Continually review the status of membership in the Association and, in coordination with the Nominating Committee, certify the eligibility of all nominees for office in accordance with Article IV, Section 2.

Professional Development/Technology

The Professional Development/Technology Committee is in charge of the following:

  • Recommending workshops, educational and training programs, webinars, and other articles that contributes to the professional development of members.
  • Participate in contributing to the knowledge base of members regarding technological advances.
  • Provides input regarding the development of the website and provides solutions related information technology issues.

Allison Nicholas, AACE President PO Box 45, Little Rock, AR 72203 │ 

Phone: (501) 269-4119

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